Whether you are seeking assistance with gender transition, working through internalized shame, needing support for life transitions, or cultivating a stronger sense of self-worth, I am here for you.
My goal is to help you foster a more positive and affirming sense of yourself, and to offer you ways of deepening your relationships to yourself and to others.

I work with adolescents (15+ y/o) and adults, and work to understand your values and interests, offering some "game therapy" activities for clients who are more introverted, nervous, or who would like to get comfortable with their therapist before diving too deeply into therapeutic work.

Couples & Partners

Whether you are in a monogamous relationship, practicing hierarchical polyamory, kitchen table or garden party poly, open relationships, relationship anarchy, or are making a transition or finding yourself somewhere in-between,  I would love to work with you and your partner(s). 

Relationships are hard work. Part of what's so hard about them is that we've all received messages — from family, friends, media, other therapists etc. — about what makes a relationship "good" or "bad".  And even if we don't agree with those messages, they can stick with us and lead us into questioning and doubt. My intention is to work with you to peel back some of those layers, and to discover ways for you and your relationships to feel more aligned with what brings you excitement and peace. 


I work on a limited basis with families who are needing help navigating family traumas, differences in values, and confusion regarding any of my areas of specialty—such as LGBTQIA+ identities, non-monogamy, and sexual traumas. I prioritize working with families of queer, trans, and poly/CNM clients to develop greater understanding, openness, and connection within the family system.

Reach out to to inquire into my availability,
and to see if we would be a good fit to work with one another!